The Plum Food Pantry
ATTENTION: If you have food deliveries for the Plum Food Pantry,
you must call 724-327-0367 to schedule that delivery; Thank You!

The Plum Food Pantry has been in operation as a local food bank since 1982 at the Holiday Park United Methodist Church.  If you need assistance getting food, we may be able to help.  The Plum Food Pantry is a non-profit organization of concerned, caring volunteers.  We are committed to providing individuals and families in Plum Borough with nutritional food and grocery products. 

The Pantry works with the Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank and local schools, churches, scout troops and the US Post Office to collect food, paper products, and personal care items for distribution to those in need.

 I need some help.  What do I do?

The Plum Food Pantry is open for distribution the first four Tuesdays of each month from 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM at: 

Holiday Park United Methodist Church

81 Sandune Drive

Pittsburgh, PA  15239

Telephone: (724) 327-0367
or Email:


 Emergency Help

 If you need food immediately and are not a resident of Plum, the Food Pantry can provide a one-time emergency pack of supplies.  You will be directed to the pantry serving your area for on-going help.

 Call (724) 327-0367


 In order to become a regular client of a food bank, you must prove you qualify for the help.   Unless it is an emergency, you must  have the following to receive food:

 1. Proof  of residency in Plum Borough:  This could be a current driver’s license with a Plum address, a lease or mortgage  

      statement, or a telephone bill with address  on it.   –OR-    Proof of affiliation with a Plum Borough church as shown a 

       letter of membership from the church stationary.

2.   Proof  of income:  This might be a W-2  form, a Form 1040 from your Federal Tax Return, Social Security                     statement, Disability Statement, Unemployment Statement, or current pay stub.

         3.   Provide the dates of birth of ALL individuals in your household.  This includes ALL children in the household.

  4.  Provide the last 4 digits of the social security numbers for ALL individuals in  your household.  This includes ALL      children in the household.

 If you have questions about what to bring for proof or the qualification process, please call (724) 327-0367.


Your cooperation enables us to assist you quickly. 


We look forward to helping.


How can I help?

 In addition to the regular distribution of food, the Plum Food Pantry conducts special events.  We have an annual winter coat drive, a Thanksgiving meal (includes a gift certificate for a turkey), and a Christmas gift certificates, and a toy drive. 


If you would like to make a donation or volunteer time at the Food Pantry, please contact Joe Utterback at 724-327-0367 and leave a message.  Someone will call you back as soon as possible.