Caring Ministries

Our Caring Ministries that actually visit, send greeting cards, distribute “gifts” to home-bound individuals and remind them that they are remembered and loved.   In addition, they provide transportation to those in need to for grocery shopping and doctor appointments.   Not all of the Caring Ministries visits are to individuals that are confined to their residence.  Some are visited simply because they are not as mobile as they would like to be.  Others included in the group visited are those that ARE confined to their residence and those that may be having a long recovery period  after surgery or a hospital stay.  If you know of a member  of the church,  one of their family that you believe could benefit from a visit or a community member, please call our church office.   Caring Ministries will also receive requests for minor repairs and tasks that need attention in homes such as changing a light bulb in a lighting fixture that’s hard to get to or evaluating a clogged sink drain.  Then through an associated ministry, “Helping Hands”, someone will respond to those minor repairs and tasks.   “Services” will be added as this ministry increases the number of people who feel that they can help.   Please call our Church Office at 724-327-6552 for more information or to volunteer as a Caring Ministries member.  It’s really just a few visits per month.  Call today!