HOLIDAY PARK UNITED METHODIST CHURCH seeks to develop disciples for Christ through worship, personal connection, nurture, outreach, evangelism, and maturing in holiness through the power and presence of God. Our hope is to encourage and provide support for every individual interested in establishing and maturing in a deep connection with Jesus. This pathway to discipleship, is a lifelong journey of being transformed into a true disciple of Jesus Christ who embodies God’s great transforming love. God’s give of love and grace is offered to everyone; and we welcome you to participate in our life together as Christ-followers.

Please explore our website and FB pages or contact us via email or at 724-327-6552 if you have questions or want additional information about any of our ministries or how you can take your next step in your relationship with Jesus.

There are opportunities each year to become a member of our congregation during one of our worship gatherings.

Baptism and membership

You can become a member of the body of Christ, the church, by being baptized into it or by reaffirming your baptism. Baptism is a ritual made up of questions and promises, prayer, and washing. In this church the washing is accomplished by sprinkling. Youth and adults go through a time of preparation and instruction before they are baptized. In the case of infants and children, the parents receive instruction. In this way they are helped to know God, the meaning of being “members of the body,” and what it is they are committing themselves to.

What happens at baptism?

Baptism initiates a covenant of relationship between God and the baptized person and between the church and the person. When you are baptized or affirm your baptism, the congregation enacts God’s grace toward you and welcomes you into the community of faith. As a response to God’s gracious initiative, you will be asked to pledge your loyalty to the life and ministries of The United Methodist Church and to promise to uphold the local church with your prayers, presence, gifts and service. As a baptized Christian, you will be part of the universal church and part of a particular community of Christians where you are known and watched over in love.

Other pathways to membership

Since all that seek to be members come with different experiences and backgrounds, there are a number of pathways to follow in becoming a member of The United Methodist Church. If you have never been baptized and you desire to be a Christian with United Methodist Christians, you will prepare for baptism.

If you were baptized as an infant or young child and have not made a profession of faith and been confirmed, then you will prepare to reaffirm your baptismal covenant.

If you are a member of another part of the church (such as Baptist, Presbyterian or Lutheran), then you will want to prepare to transfer your membership from that church to a local United Methodist Church.

If you are a member of another Christian church that does not transfer membership, you will want to prepare to make a profession of faith and be received as a member.

If you are uncertain about the pathway that is best for you please call and talk with Pastor Patricia Nelson about the journey of becoming a Christian and a member of The Holiday Park United Methodist Church. Pastor Nelson will be able to answer your questions and help you discern what next steps you want to take.

If you are currently a member in another United Methodist Church but do not wish to transfer your membership from that church, you may become an Affiliate Member of our congregation.

If you are currently a member of another denomination that is not United Methodist and wish to retain your “home” church membership, you may become an Associate Member of our congregation