There are Collection Containers in the Church Lobby
playing cards, batteries (in original packaging or with both ends taped),
wet wipes or plain alcohol wipes
toy spiders/bugs/snakes, superheroes or other licensed characters, items with company logos
all types of scissors, squirt guns (that don’t look like real guns), glow sticks, compact mirrors
lip balm (non-medicated), play dough (store bought), solid stick deodorant
makeup (non-liquid), adhesive bandages (non-medicated),
disposable or reusable feminine hygiene products
eating utensils, marbles, Bibles or other religious literature or symbols
Will Be Discarded
Vaseline®, scary items (things that will frighten a child rather than bring joy)
war-related items (such as toy soldiers, military vehicles,
or wearable camouflage)
liquid paint sets or liquid glue,  rubber balls with liquid filling,  liquid lip gloss
matches or fire starters, seeds, sand/rocks/shells gathered from nature
all types of food, candy, or gum,
medications or vitamins, toothpaste, nail polish
money or play money, baby powder, baking soda, razors, liquids or lotions
breakable items or glass containers, aerosol cans, used clothing or toys