BUDGET – 2024 – $530,304     

February 2024
BUDGET EXPECTATION                             RECEIPTS                                VARIANCE
          $43,000                                              $33,883                                     ($9, 417)
     YEAR TO DATE                                      RECEIPTS                                VARIENCE
          $92,000                                               $87,089                                     ($4,911)
     EXPENITURES                                    YEAR TO DATE                            Over/Under             
          $59,184                                               $108,277                                   ($21,187)

February marked a significant decline in support for our church budget. Hopefully this is a temporary
situation and as spring arrives, we can renew enthusiastically our endorsement of the mission of our
church. Inflation plays no favorites in the market and we have to operate under those circumstances.
We are confronted with additional repairs to the plumbing system, controls of the HVAC in the
sanctuary along with a boiler maintenance contract provisions. Pray that consistent support of the
church continues and expands.