AUGUST 2022

                                           Budget  Expectation            Receipts            Variance          Expenditures
                                                    $35,900                        $35214              ($686)               $52,700


                                           Budget Expectation             Receipts             Variance         Expenditures
                                                    $358,700                    $320,732          ($37,968)          $378,933

                                                                      Over Expended Against Receipts


For the second month in a row, receipts have approached expectations. This is a healthy sign as we approach the festive season of good will. Continued prayer for our church and sacrificial giving will carry us toward the fulfillment of our stated mission and adopted goals.

Continued expansion in the maintenance area tracks high but the improvements are significant. 



The Finance Committee has directed that there will be a monthly report in the interest of clarity as progress is made against the adopted 2022 budget of $551,759.  The monthly report will indicate budget expectation, receipts, variance and expenditures, including over/under against receipts.  Cumulative progress totals for the year will also be presented.

A brief narrative will document selected specific points of interest for the month.