DECEMBER 2022

                                           Budget  Expectation            Receipts            Variance          Expenditures
                                                    $50,958                       $55,322          $4,364.00             $54,154


                                           Budget Expectation             Receipts             Variance         Expenditures
                                                    $551,758                    $521,828          ($29,930)         $572,292

                                                                      Over Expended Against Receipts


Although December giving was encouraging, it served to bring the year’s total to just short of 2021. No growth in overall giving is an ominous sign for the fiscal health of our church, as is the fact that the five year average annual giving is roughly $536,000, placing 2022 giving off by about $14,000. Church Council, after reviewing the Finance Committee recommendation, adopted a 2023 budget of $520,561, more in keeping with recent giving history. The impact of this conservative budget will be closely watched. All should be prayerful for increased giving in 2023. The alternative is a series of individual fundraisers going forward.

The aftermath of the waterline breaks over the Christmas holiday will cost the church $1000 in
immediate costs as an insurance deductible. Some non permanent materials and supplies were lost in the incident. ServiceMaster was called to remediate the water damage and they were on site for approximately a week to help dry damaged areas of the kitchen, preschool and Wesley Hall, to name a few. There is still unrealized damage to the floor in Wesley Hall. Obviously, going forward, there will be study and subsequent action to remediate the vulnerable areas of our building. That cost will be borne probably by the church.

No bids have been sought for outside door replacements, but a fundraiser has been scheduled for the support of the replacement of the outside door to the preschool, given the priority of safety concerns. 


The Finance Committee has directed that there will be a monthly report in the interest of clarity as progress is made against the adopted 2022 budget of $551,759.  The monthly report will indicate budget expectation, receipts, variance and expenditures, including over/under against receipts.  Cumulative progress totals for the year will also be presented.

A brief narrative will document selected specific points of interest for the month.