APRIL 2022

                                           Budget  Expectation            Receipts            Variance          Expenditures
                                                    $50,000                      $37,650           ($12,350)             $47,204


                                           Budget Expectation             Receipts             Variance         Expenditures
                                                    $189,800                    $166,235         ($23,565)          $184,801

                                                                      Over Expended Against Receipts


Giving during the first third of the year has been less than stellar. Although the budget is based on the support of agreed upon goals of the church, support gaps will impact the scope and effectiveness of the work of the church. This bodes ill should this trend continue. God’s work is never done here. So it is imperative that we consider our part in moving the process forward.
Support for the one time offering in support of the Philippi work mission totaled over $7700.
Ample funds now exist to carry out the aid to the citizens in need, however additional donations will still be accepted.
The church organ has been removed and the organist position has been permanently closed.


The Finance Committee has directed that there will be a monthly report in the interest of clarity as progress is made against the adopted 2022 budget of $551,759.  The monthly report will indicate budget expectation, receipts, variance and expenditures, including over/under against receipts.  Cumulative progress totals for the year will also be presented.

A brief narrative will document selected specific points of interest for the month.