We have a wonderful opportunity to help provide clean water in the West Harare District in the village of Kajokoto, Zimbabwe. The countries below the equator have suffered a serious decline in safe, clean water resulting in a drought that has spawned disease and death. The Western Pennsylvania United Methodist Conference has had a long standing relationship with the West Harare District in Zimbabwe for a very long time. There have been seven individuals from Holiday Park that have traveled to Zimbabwe and have witnessed the need first hand. We want to support the drilling of a new well  (known as a borehole) in Kajokoto to help ease some of their  uncertain future.  Drilling a new borehole will supply 1,000 people daily with clean, safe water.  Personal use for drinking and hygiene, growing gardens and caring for livestock are of  the utmost needs. The borehole will be approximately 200 to 250 feet deep.  Solar panels will be installed to power the new pump at the bottom of the borehole and a 1,320 gallon tank will be erected to hold the water so that access to the water is immediate.  The cost of this project is $9,000.  While that sounds like a lot of money most of us,  let us remember that no one person is being asked to support the project alone.  We can unite together and make the necessary project affordable.  Any amount of financial support will go a long way for the success of  our goal.
 It is written, Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ”. Galatians 6.
If you are a Vanco on-line user, there is a tab called “ZIMBABWE WATER” for your convenience. You may also make a check out to “Holiday Park UMC” with Zimbabwe Water written on the memo line and mail it to the church at 81 Sandune Drive, Pittsburgh, PA  15239.